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Land and Holdings

Land Leasing

Under the ruling of the High Council of Mars no land may be taken by force and must be leased via purchasing at Auctions. Each year leases for a few existing holdings and some empty plots will be auctioned off with the leases going to the highest bidder:

Building a New Holding

Empty plots can have new buildings/holdings constructed on them at a cost of 20 Guineas each.
To encourage growth the High Council rules that creating a new holding gives you the automatic right to hold the lease for that holding for four events (This does not include the event on which the holding was first acquired). After that period the holding becomes classed as an existing Holding and therefore its lease (including the use of any facility built on it) will come up for general auction.
Some of these Holdings have upkeep costs which if not paid each event result in the loss of the Holding, and upkeep will be taken between events.

Saloons, Bordellos and Casinos A place to spend your hard earned Guineas(this category may include any type of business holding whose primary purpose/output is to generate income e.g. hardware store, newspaper and restaurant). Generates an income of ten Guineas per event with no upkeep cost.
Munitions Workshops Make and create your own bullets; everyone in your faction gets free reloads, though you still need to recharge at the Tavern. No upkeep cost.
Research Labs Used to develop new Aether, Aura and Mechanical technologies; You must have one of these to develop your own technologies (i.e. to invent a new item and produce a blueprint). Research labs can be hired/lent to other factions. Upkeep cost 2 Guineas.
Assembly Plants Required to create any Advanced or Complex device. Upkeep cost 2 Guineas.
Assembly Docks Required to build an Aether ship (note this does not remove the need for an Assembly Plant).Upkeep cost 2 Guineas.
Processing Plants Improves the productivity of your mines; increases the production of any one mine by 20% once per event. Upkeep cost 2 Guineas.
Smelter Converts Silver or Gold into Guineas at a rate of 3:1 (maximum 45 Ore per event).Upkeep cost 2 Guineas.
Refinery Allows flux of one ore into another by complex Aether, Aura and Mechanical methods; allows the transposition of one type of Ore to another with no quantity limit but 20% of the ore is lost in the process. Ores that can be changed are Silver into Gold and vice versa, Blue into Crystal and vice versa. If the faction has member with the Refiner skill (Mining T3) they can change between all four of these Ore types. Upkeep cost 2 Guineas.

Existing Holdings

The High Council of Mars already has control over several of each of the types of Holdings that can be built and these may be put up for lease via auction as the High Council see fit. In addition there are other Holding types that cannot be built:

Martian Ruins Searching these areas with people with the right skills you will find a random amount (usually between 1-3 pieces per event) of redundant or disused Martian Technology - upkeep cost 5 Guineas
Archaeological sites searching these areas with people with the right skills you will find a random amount (usually between 1-3 pieces per event) of ancient Egyptian Archaeology - upkeep cost 5 Guineas

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