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A Wind Walkers Tale - June 1885 (June 2013)

Plot - In Character Brief

spunkB.jpgThe strange rotting disease effecting those working in the deep mines of Mars continues to pervade the common men of the nations and a strange new High Martian has come to the settlements of Mars claiming to speak of or for the Wind Walkers.

Grackle back shamans have begun hours of chanting, stirring cauldrons of vile brews and sitting for hours in smoke houses. They say that the Wind Walkers are reputed to come when Mars needs cleansing and the 'un-clean' must prepare themselves for their final hours.

Has news been received from Earth, how close are the Nations to succeeding in construction of an Aether Ship?

Renewed sightings of the 'Wraiths of Mars' have reminded the Nations that destruction of an enemy on Mars is not such an easy task and as two shadows align on the settlements of Mars, one from above and one below' will there be a final standoff between those that claim to know the truth of Mars?

The Outlaw William Jones - April 1884 (April 2013)

spunkB.jpgPlot - In Character Brief

Although the formation of the council of Mars has largely seen the back of the lawlessness of the new Martian frontier a few pockets of resistance remain.

William 'Hyde Park Bill' Jones leads one such gang of outlaws that have continued to terrorise the mines and remote outposts of the Martian landscape.

Council member Sky Captain Otto von Punisher and the Red Skulls of Mars have placed a bounty on the 'Hyde Park Gang' and the nations have been asked to muster under the banner of the Foreign Legion to eradicate this threat.

Independent bounty hunters are also gathering and the New Dakota territories are mounting a posse. Meanwhile Her Majesties Expeditionary Forces claim the Jones should be brought before a proper court of law.

6 months have passed since the Mining Automaton was brought under the control of the nations but still no word from earth. The construction of Aether Ships has begun in earnest but components for the broken communication device still elude the nations. Rumours abound that Jones' gang hold a stash of stolen components and Aether devices and they are to be approached with caution and considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Letting Off Steam - June 1883 (June 2012)

Letting Off Steam: Episode One (In-Character Brief)

Letting Off Steam event at Herofest LARPExtract from the Diary of the Right Honourable Charles Forsyth, Martian Council Member of Her Majesty's Great Expedition: June 1883

Today we received terrible news; it seems that one of the foul Aether devices to return to operation is a mining automaton. This might steam, clock work and Aether device was designed to smash and gather Martian rocks in the mines in the foothills of the mountains. The mining automaton is now running amok through encampments surrounding us. It's three control components are missing and we must find them to turn it aside from its path of destruction; gauss bullets seem to have little effect upon it and no other Aether weapons are yet serviceable. I have conducted some Aura experiments but feel without further time it is the hands of man that must seek to control or destroy this iron beast!

Letting Off Steam: Episode One: Conquest of Mars - De Eiserne Mann (Out of Character Brief)

This is the first opportunity to sample the Herofest Team's first outing into the realm of Steampunk; all the great things you love about Herofest (A free-form LARP festival environment but with real plot and challenges to overcome) with new additions to suit those less interested in LARP and more on the Steampunk, Roleplay and Cosplay Elements (A background game, the 'Grand Contest' which for the first time in a LARP environment highlights how you can actually win! In-character auctions, inventions and secret societies). Like all our events the rules are simple to suit everyone but this time round the world has changed and you have the chance to adventure on Mars using NERF weapons as well as LARP safe ones or if you wish venture forth purely with your own wits! Just like in Herofest you will join a 'nation' and work together in the conquest of Mars, sometimes siding with other nations and sometimes working against them. The system is largely a player versus player one, but we also have a dedicated monster crew to add flavour and excitement to the whole package"

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Steampunk at Herofest LARP

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