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Under A Blood Red Moon - June 2017

Under A Blood Red Moon Steampunk events at Herofest LARPWe have now arrived in a new land; our pursuit of Nikolai Tesla has brought us to a world steeped in shadows and darkness where the fear from the inhabitants can be felt in every breath of air.

Teslas laboratory has still not revealed all of its secrets to us but it has enabled us to leave our adopted home and track him to this realm of silence filled with the smell of death.

We have set up our encampment on the edge of a mist-shrouded forest and as usual each nation prefers to gather apart from the others, although noticeably closer than is usual. We have sent out scouts from the more nimble members of the Al-Azhar in all directions to see if we can pick up any sign of Nikolai or information on the surroundings.

Early reports have revealed a nearby settlement yet even though daylight still prevailed all the doors were closed to us and none of the local populace would speak in response to any questions asked.

As night begins to fall on our first day, in what some are already calling a place of evil, a number of our people have still not returned and shadowy figures have been spotted amongst the trees.

The communication device reveals nothing but static and there is no news from Mars or the Skyship Zephyr (if it was even made lift off from Mars before the meteors rained down.

What has become of Tesla, what news from Mars, what fate befell the last of the High Council all is yet to be revealed.

As resources are limited the Privy Council have agreed that the Great Game will be played as a method of rationing what was brought from Mars in the Al-Azhar bank.

About Letting Off Steam Events

Steampunk events at Herofest LARP Eevent will start, time in, at 5pm on the Friday evening and continue until late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

We encourage everyone to arrive on Thursday and Friday to set up meet other players and for a social gathering before the event starts. On the Sunday we have an out of character breakfast and debrief to give people plenty of time to decamp and head home at a more leisurely pace particularly as people tend to stay up late Saturday night/Sunday morning. There is no extra charge for players arriving on the Thursday and you can turn up any time after 10am.

Herofest takes pride in all aspects of its events including making sure everyone feels involved and getting to know people in and out of character. During time in everyone including referees and staff stays in costume at all times.

The Style of Event

Steampunk is a LARP style event incorporating cosplay and using LARP safe weapons and nerf guns.

Booking details for Steampunk @ Herofest LARP/LRP are here »

For more information, or to post your completed booking, contact Paul Matthews at Herofest LARP/LRP, Unit 42A/6, Morelands Trading Estate, Bristol Road, Gloucester, GL15RZ.  Alternatively email us for information or details on how to make a Steampunk @ Herofest booking at: paul@herofest.co.uk.

Steampunk at Herofest LARP

Future Events

22nd to 25th June 2017 Under a Blood Red Moon
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