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Characters have five recognised locations, Body, Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg and Left leg (note NO head Hits but please do not fight like Rocky i.e. blocking with your head!).

One Wound

If you are struck by a Nerf dart or LARP safe weapon on one of those locations it becomes useless and has the following additional affects:

Any single wound may be healed using the First Aid (Tier 1) skill (or something that replicates it) following five full minutes of appropriate role-playing.

Two Wounds

Steampunk Combat at Herofest LARPIf you receive two wounds, both location hit will suffer the effects as above and you will require the assistance of someone with Medic (Tier 2) skill in order to be healed. Multiple wounds cannot be healed by multiple First Aiders – it requires a Medic. This healing takes five full minutes of appropriate role-playing but no bead bag draw is necessary see Three wounds below)

Note that you may carry on fighting with pistol and sword (as they are Tier 1 skills) after taking two limb hits should you wish (and have an arm left working!) It’s all heroic stuff after all but you should remember to role-play the effects of the wounds.

Three Wounds and Down

If you receive three wounds you are ‘downed’ and will require the attention of a Medic – a downed character is unconscious or immobile and may do nothing more than ‘complain – moan – scream – cry’ (or chose to be unconscious). You cannot run, walk or crawl. You may not resist being searched - in fact we positively encourage you to hand over the stuff you have!

A Medic (T2) may cure or bandage three or more wounds, this takes five full minutes of appropriate role playing. The injured party must then draw from a bead bag to see if the wounds were fatal – if the injured party draws a white bead then they are cured! If they draw a black bead they have two choices: 1. Accept a long term injury (in this case ‘long term’ is for the remainder of the event e.g. a limb that is unable to be used effectively – if an arm you cannot fight with it – if a leg you must not run) or 2. Draw again; if following this second draw they draw a black bead they have taken a mortal injury, unless something astonishing happens. They will have a long term injury for the rest of this event and will require the Temple of Rejuvenation after the event for which the faction must pay (see below). IMPORTANT NOTE: This can happen more than once on an event to one individual! (Medics are responsible for maintaining this ‘death count’ and informing the referee’s).

If you are not treated within 15 minutes of receiving your third wound then this counts as an automatic first black bead draw when they are finally treated.

The Temple of Rejuvenation

The Temple of Rejuvenation has astonishing effects on those who enter it. Everyone who enters the temple feels a strange comforting feeling, resting in the temple for only a few minutes cures minor ailments, longer periods of rest inside the temple remove significant injuries (broken bones etc.). Even persons critically injured (e.g. in gun-fights or mining incidents) or all but dead will recover if left long enough.

The High Council of Mars controls access to and from the Temple. Factions must pay for any of their fallen to be rejuvenated (should the person wish it) at a cost of 5 Guineas. So, if you die in the game you have two choices, at the end of the event you declare your character dead (and come back next event as someone else) or chose to be rejuvenated, your faction will pay for your rejuvenation. The actual visit to the temple occurs off-event.

Note if you are recorded as becoming critically wounded more than once you will require longer in the temple and therefore must pay more!

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