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How to Book Steampunk at Herofest LARP



Our live action role playing events will run better the further in advance we receive your bookings & payments. It allows us to write the plot for the event and in addition faction missions based on the size of the faction and the varying make up of character classes and skills available to each faction. The caterers, traders and the tavern will know how many people are attending and can purchase their stock accordingly. Also the sooner you book and pay, the more time we will have to ensure you are fully informed of everything you need to know to make your larping experience more enjoyable

So please if you can book and pay as far in advance as possible we would greatly appreciate it, plus it will save you money.

There are a number of ways to book onto our Steampunk LARP event;

To book via email download the booking form and send it directly to - paul@herofest.co.uk

Download the Existing Player booking form by clicking this link here booking form »

Download the New Player booking form by clicking this link here booking form »

We will send you a confirmation email upon receipt and can also answer any questions you may have.

If you want to book via post then click on the link here – booking form to download your booking form print it out, fill it in and send it to:

Booking Steampunk at Herofest LARP Paul Matthews
LARP/LRP Bookings
Unit 42A/6
Morelands Trading Estate
Bristol Road


See our prices and payment page for details on event prices and ways to pay

Prices and Payment page »

Booking details for Steampunk @ Herofest LARP/LRP are here »

For more information, or to post your completed booking, contact Paul Matthews at Herofest LARP/LRP, Unit 42A/6, Morelands Trading Estate, Bristol Road, Gloucester, GL15RZ.  Alternatively email us for information or details on how to paul@herofest.co.uk.

Steampunk at Herofest LARP

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22nd to 25th June 2017 Under a Blood Red Moon
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