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The Last Flight of the Zephyr

When - Thursday April 3rd to Sunday April 6th 2014

Access to site is available from the Thursday and we actively encourage everyone to come down the day before the evening before the event starts not only for the social aspect but also to avoid the horrible Friday traffic. There is no additional charge for staying on the Thursday night. The event itself will start, time in, at 5pm on the Friday evening and continue until late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. On the Sunday we have an out of character breakfast and debrief to give people plenty of time to decamp and head home at a more leisurely pace particularly as people tend to stay up late Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Where - Candleston www.larp-candleston-campsite.co.uk

spunkB.jpgThe 100 acre dedicated LARP site just of the M4 near bridgend. Camping is free and fires are allowed and the camping areas already have dedicated fire pits prepared. Also you can hire one of the yurts onsite if you prefer, please indicate if you prefer this when you book. More details on yurts can be found here – Yurt Details

About - The Style of Event

Steampunk is a Larp style event incorporating cosplay and using larp safe weapons and nerf guns. This type of larping or LRP event is mainly a Player vs. Player (PvP) where the majority of conflict comes from competition between characters and their factions for resources.

During - What happens on the event?

Faction versus faction with the emphasis on fun, race to gain the resources needed to build the first Aether ship

Campaign plot and the mysteries of Mars, Unveil mysteries, make discoveries

Simple combat system using Nerf guns and latex weapons

Strategy game (and non-combat options), drink tea!

Make inventions, develop land and holdings

Complete missions

Coins and ores - trade and combine

Dig up archaeology or discover lost Martian technology

Seize control of resources through the Grand Contest (think sophisticated German board game)

Plot - In Character Brief

The expeditionary forces have created a communication device and sent out a message, a call has been received back from Her Majesties Aether Ship Zephyr, Sky Captain Denzil Cattrell's ship was en route to Mars when the calamity struck, they are lost in the Aether conduits with no method of navigation. They have been unable to communicate with earth. If the Nations can build 3 Aether beacons on Mars HMAS Zephyr could find a way there. Time is running out for the crew of the ship, lost for two years they have limited rations left. Although they have managed to make brief plant-fall on asteroids large enough to bear water supplies the crew and marines of HMAS Zephyr had begun to loose hope in finding any way either to or from an occupied planet. The presence of the technology that remains viable in HMAS Zephyr might give a significant boost to the nations in the coming years, although Sky Captain Cattrell states in his message that Zephyr may be incapable of making any journey beyond its next flight.

Meanwhile on Mars the High Council have announced two that the remaining slots on the privy council have been selected and these appointments will be made at the next gathering.

The threat of infected miners continues to plague Mars and the High Council have requested that the nations place their utmost attention on resolution of it.

The Gracklebacks have begun preparation for a festival of renewal called 'The Second Sun' after the devastation caused by the Wind-Walkers their shamans shout in the streets that 'now is the time of the renewal of the second sun'

History  - Previously on Mars

Here is a summary of what happened at the gathering of the factions »

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For more information, or to post your completed booking, contact Paul Matthews at Herofest LARP, Unit 42A/6, Morelands Trading Estate, Bristol Road, Gloucester, GL15RZ.  Alternatively email us for information or details on how to make a Herofest Steampunk booking at: paul@herofest.co.uk.

Future Events

22nd to 25th June 2017 Under a Blood Red Moon
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