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Components at Herofest LARP

Many forms of Magic at Herofest LARP require the use of components to power them, and these components take one of 3 forms - Commodities, Gests and Scrolls.


Since the Time of Reckoning 2012, many of the components have become so difficult to find, that they have ceased to be sought or traded. The commodities that are still frequently found are

Gold Silk Worms
Silver Sharks Teeth
Indigo Fey Hair
Tin Quartz

Up to now, commodities have always been found to last only a short time, but with the increase of Magic on Orin Rakatha, commodities have been made durable enough to last, and can now be banked and saved for another event

Each Faction brings some commodities to events, which of course can be traded between Factions, other commodities can be found around the event


The primary currency of Orin Rakatha, the Gests comes in a 1, 5 or 20 Gest note. It is issued by the Reader and policed by their allies the Azard-An.

These can also be banked and carries over to the next event


Used by those without the Caster skill, to be able to cast magical spells, these can be acquired form various Factions. The cost to acquire these is the same cost as noted under the spell descriptions.

These can be banked and carried over to the next event

Scrolls by Faction

Life Magic Scrolls Summer Stars
Death Magic Scrolls Circle Aflame
Light & Dark Magic Scrolls Keepers
Elemental Magic Scrolls Wizards Concillium


The Azard-An staff the tavern at Herofest, and as they form the financial security for the Reader, all Factions are able to bank their gains with them at the bar.

It should be noted that this facility is a deposit only facility, and closed at 11:00pm on Saturday night. Anything not banked by this point will be lost.

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For more information, or to post your completed booking, contact Paul Matthews at Herofest LARP/LRP, Unit 42A/6, Morelands Trading Estate, Bristol Road, Gloucester, GL15RZ.  Alternatively email us for information or details on how to make a Herofest booking at: paul@herofest.co.uk.


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