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The Moki Mountains- by Kori

From Jarl Kori of Kiojafell

Steel Day, 28th Planting Moon, 4 AC / Dy' Sadorn, Last Quarter Planting Moon, 12 Water Swan

By the Instruction of Wolfgar Roland on behest of Riothamus (King) Grundal, this is a summary of the Mission to Moki Mountain undertaken as part of the joint agreement between the nations of the Festival and the Valley Nations (Voice of the Mystics).


Slowly but surely the Void spreads its influence across Orin Rakatha; as it does it takes control of each node that it discovers. Some of these nodes have now been destroyed and must be rebuilt before the effect that this has on the very make up of our world is adversely affected beyond anyone’s ability to repair.

Only those descended from the original bloodlines of the people who created the primary nodes can recreate what was done so many centuries past.

So, it is that we shall be travelling to the Moki Mountains on the Otomi home world to seek out whatever remains of the people whose ancestors constructed the Nodes of Life and Light. We know that originally the Otomi people lived in scattered communities but were brought together when they were all conquered and subjugated by the Empire. Only centuries later did they free themselves from the yoke of these oppressors and journey forth onto new worlds.

Within the Otomi people there evolved several Temples. The Otomi are not known for welcoming outsiders and many dangerous creatures inhabit the Moki Mountains so we needed to bring strength of arms as well as those skilled in diplomacy. Travelling via a mist gate the Azad-an have made first footfall on the Moki Mountains (the last known to have journeyed there were the Valley people almost seventeen years ago. Now the base camp is set and the rest of the Nations of Orin Rakatha journey to seek the true bloodline of the Otomi in the depths of the Moki Mountains.

For these reasons on Fire Day 5th of Planting Moon 4 AC Orin Rakatha Calendar or New Moon of the Twelfth Water Swan. Under the Commander Did a war band under the command of Jarl Steiner of Stag Clann numbering twenty strong did travel via Mist Gate under the Operation of the Azan-An to the Home of the lost bloodline of the Otomi, a plane known as the Moki Mountains. A written instruction signed by Wolfgar Roland was produced by Steiner that stated due to the Presentence of Jarl Rodan and myself Jarl Kori on the mission, Steiner was given the brevet rank of Bretwelda, for the duration of the mission. Brother Tate request of the Bretwelda to officially leave the suspend Bear Clan, and join the Wolf Clan. Bretwelda Steiner approved the change and then pass on the Roland reward for loyalty the promotion to Huscarle.

At that moment Bretwelda Steiner cousin Olaf arrived, with news that the Dragon Traitor had return to Orin Rakatha, bring with him a faction of Fenrisians. He who is lower than a snake bottom had come with a group to the festival here at Moki Mountains. Worst in preparation he had seed spies via the Dragon Clan into the Halls of Asgard, indeed there were three hide in Steiner force. Olaf Out them, then Jarl Rodan also revealed that the Lady Were-Fox had reveal that Chief Scout Baulder had a hidden Fenrisian Tattoo mark.

The Group of four Fenrisian drop their disguise and tried to defend/justify their lies but Bretwelda Steiner showed great wisdom in his judgement and rule three of them could go if they chose one of their number to be executed. It didn’t take long for the little female Fenrisian to slit the throat of one of allies, to save her own skin.

Bretwelda Steiner kept his word and allow them to leave to re-join the other Fenrisians.

Bretwelda Steiner request all remaining Asgard prove their loyalty by giving their oath of alliance to him. All but one warrior gave Steiner their alliance, when question he said he had conflict loyalties due to words said by other before they left. Bretwelda Steiner thanked him for his honesty and point out the lies in the Traitor promises but he was welcome to think about it but if he truly wanted to go then declare it to a Jarl and he be free to leave.

While a drink was shared between the Jarl’s and the Bretwelda to discuss what the sixteen left should do next. A Roar went up and a Fenrisian force supported by the Knights of the Cold Dawn appear on the ridge above the Mead Hall. Then the Witch and the Chief Warrior approached requesting Parley, which Bretwelda Steiner granted, thou I did a short incantation to Orn to protect the party from the Witch’s charm magic.

The Witch seem to announce what we already know that he who should not be named had joined their ranks and in return for revealing the secrets of evil sphere powers to him, he had shown them the way to reach Orin Rakatha. Bretwelda Steiner Informed the Witch, that the Asgard would respect the laws of the festival but he who is lower than a snake bottom was under arrest on charge of treason. This created a bit of friction and argument about the interpretation of the laws of the Festival and Orin Rakatha.

In the end Bretwelda Steiner reached a comprise with the Witch, that the traitor would be recognised as a member of the Fenrisian Faction but he was barred from the Mead Hall and the Asgard Camp.

With that the Fenrisian withdraw, while the Cold Down leader and Ambassador approached Bretwelda Steiner to discuss a non-aggressive pact. Despite difficult negotiations due to the ambassador abrasive attitude a temporary alliance was agreed. Once they left Olaf gave an update on the Dragon Clan situation, it seems the Traitor return had caused a significant number to rebel but the majority had remained loyal. With that Bretwelda Steiner order the scout to learn the location of the Fenrisian camp while he travel to the Tavern or Atolli as is known on the Moki Mountains.

At the Atolli the representatives of the Azan-An explained what their advance scouts had learnt about the local area. The major issue was that the Otomi seem to have a vow of silence and only communicate via gestures, also as their land was being conquer by a group of conquistadors they were very nervous about strangers.

It seemed the person of the Bloodline we sought was called Flaniscan or the Light of the Dawn, he seemed to reside or could only be access via the temple of death. However, the Azan-An hadn’t being able to locate that or any of the other temples.

They should be a Temple of the Sun, Temple of Feathers, Temple of the Earth, Temple of Death and the Temple of Blood, so we should try to locate these temples as one of our first line of inquiry.

Secondly they had obtained a document known as the Codex of Magliabechiano, and while they had translated it into common, it still seemed a very metaphor or cryptic text. Trying to get a working comprehension of the text seem important for locating Flaniscan. So, decrypting this text, was our second line of inquiry.

Fresh scout reports were still incoming, so factions need to check in with the bar regularly for the latest reports.

Bizarrely on this realm the extra powers of Fey Hair commodities were found with Gold instead, hence the higher than average desire for Gold on this plane.

The Asgard decide to focus on the Codex of Magliabechiano first, which was six pages, one of full text and five with a large image of the local gods with their name and a line of hieroglyphs afterwards.

After a quick comparison, conduct by Feyly and myself it was clear that the hieroglyphs weren’t the name repeated in the local language. Thankfully the Asgardian warrior Eprous was also at the table and he could do a linguistic substitution based upon common code breaking mythology but within the hour we had a working theory.

That the gods were: -

Huitzilopochtli – Hummingbird.
Tonatiuh – Torment of the Sun. (Later would correct to Movement of the Sun).
Itzpapalotl – Obsidian Butterfly
Tepéyóllótl – Heart of the Mountain
Quetzalcoatl – Feather Serpent

After comparing with the page of text we confirmed that the Hummingbird was the Warrior from the first paragraph. However, this was as far as got before we overheard several interesting rumours and so returned to Mead Hall to update Bretwelda Steiner.

About this time the Shadowsfall Keeper approach us about a trade deal, a quick deal was agreed and a copy of the written agreement was place in to the trust of the Azan-An. Where we received warning that a large hostile force was rapidly heading towards the reliquary and the keepers likely to arrive around the nine hour of the evening. At the same time representatives of the Otomi want to hear stories from the factions at the fire pit near the Atolli.

While Steiner lead a force to help assist the Keepers, Myself and Lady Tan went to the fire pit, where we discover the Fenrisian Witch awaiting the Otomi. Seeing no fire in the pit Tân and the Witch decide to one up each other to create the fire. Thankfully Lady Tân the pyromancy didn’t burn the whole area down like I feared at one point.

Once the Fire was going two members of Otomi arrived and sat down awaiting the stories, Lady Tân start with the tale of fire. The Witch then shared a story in private with one of the Otomi, while I gave the tale off the Asgard. Then one of the ladies of the Summer Star arrived with a tale of Duty Love to Family versus true love of the heart. Then the Cold Dawn Ambassador arrived and told the tale of the Captain versus the Sea Witch and why they said aye, aye Captain to a Magpie. A member of the forgotten arrived to tell his tales but the Otomi seem to have heard enough and left, before leaving they communicated a sequence.

Which was: -
Hummingbird First
Butterfly Second
Movement of the Sun Third
Earth/Mountain Fourth
Death Fifth.

At the tenth hour, The Great Bird was due to appear near the Camote. Bretwelda Steiner lead a force to hear him sing. However, it was found the great bird was answering question for each song sung to him. Sadly, the Bretwalda forgot to take a scribe with him to record the knowledge and when I enquiry what they learnt all I got was um we don’t know, we forgot, ask another faction!

O Tulan did I need your strength not to Berserker rage upon them at that time.

Sometime between the tenth and eleventh hour, we received a request for help from the Cold Dawn so Jarl Ediko led a small group over to help the Cold Dawn fend off an attack, after the attack was over Ediko and Murtagh were attack by the Cold Dawn and so an honour dual was set up, to avoid the temporary pact been declared null. Ediko won the fight by the opinion of the Cold Dawn Judge but the lower members couldn’t stomach the result and so began a campaign of niggling attacks and attempts to steal Asgardian Feathers, that would last for most of the next day or so.

Around the end of the night did Hispar the Conquistador, arrive to trade for Gold. He also had info on the Ziggurat and the Otomi which he would sell for a gold nugget a time. After a bit of chit chat the Asgard and the Wizards Concillium got down to try and test an Asgard Theory about the Ziggurat, sadly the question end up costing us more because the warriors of the Crimson Winter clearly don’t know when it prudent to wait their turn. Never the less we established that the Ziggurat was Indeed the Temple of Feathers and all the other temples and that an unknown action was required to turn it from one to the others. Which the answer supposedly lay in the Codex of Magliabechiano.

While we consider this information, we continue to see what information we could obtain for free from Hispar. It seems that the Conquistadors Empire had come from Murndii (spelling unconfirmed) the original home plane of the Valley, who the Empire crushed as part of their ongoing attempt to ‘civilize’ the rest of the planes of existence.

Hispar was far too interested in how we got from Orin Rakatha to Moki Mountains. So, for the price of a couple of feather, I told him via a Box, nice and unhelpful. A warning was discreetly pass on to the key factions about the Conquistadors objectivity and to make sure everybody knew to cover our tracks home.

Indeed, even as we spoke The Empire was putting together it largest ever army for invading Orin Rakatha. I did point out that and such force would be destroyed by the Mists. To which they replied soon the Void would kill the Mystics and the Mists and then their army of ten-thousand legions would invade and crush all the nations of Orin Rakatha. To which I remind them that it not a certainty the Void will win. They however seem arrogant about the Void will kill the mystics and Mistweavers, almost as if they knew more about the Void threat than they were sharing.

At some late hours, the Shadowsfall Keeper, arrived at the Mead Hall bar, woke Murtagh from his Sleep and demanded drinks. Which he duly provided.

On Steel Day 6th of Planting Moon 4 AC

After Breakfast, the Asgard fulfilled their duties and provided advance combat training to the six senior squires, involving various shield wall drills and tactics analysis. This was interrupted by the arrival of the Fenrisians who launched a dawn raid.

The aid of the two summer star archers, the squires and a few other friends of the faction prove decision in obtaining victory. Once the dust was settle it seemed that the Fenrisian had given into their uncontrolled Berserker rage and just want to settled old scores and grudges.

With the initial attack defeat the Fenrisian seem content to hang around till the Eleventh-Hour Leader Meeting at the Atolli, to engage in flat of the blade training with the Squires.

However just before the eleventh hour, as the Asgard wait for the Leader meeting a small group of undead attacked, who appeared unusually resistant to magic attacks. Eventually weight of numbers of faction warrior won out.

At the Eleventh Hour Bretwelda Steiner and myself travelled to Atolli once more to the discuss codex of Magliabechiano, However the turnout from the other factions was poor. With only The Fenrisian Witch, Malcaius Davion of the Wizard Concillium, Haze of the Summer Stars and the Elf Markie of the Misthaven Academy attending.

We shared again what we learned from the Conquistadors while the others shared that the Otomi were practisers of Nacromancy Magic. Which we understand was the use of Alchemist potion to extend one life beyond death.

We also confirmed that the Codex was a ritual sequence that would change the Ziggurat though the various temples, however given the small access tunnels, the squires would need to be the ones to get to the centre of the Temple and recover the representative of the bloodline.

We also learnt that Mathi, He who Brings the Rain, would need to be defeated in Battle, but was unsure if conventical weapons or not would suffice. After that Deydu, he who the Nights fall for, would come and he could only be defeated by sacrificing Twenty souls in battle to him. However, those sacrifices could be resurrected by normal means if they had remaining part of their souls to be resurrected and carried a feather on them at time of death. It was agreed that the factions of the festival would provide proportional sacrifices, providing they weren’t risking permanent death of a faction members. However, the factions would continue their research and the sacrifices was only if we could not identify any other way to defeat him. While we wait for Noon and the arrival of Izapoti, the Fenrisians decided to pick a fight with the Asgard in the common ground between the Misthaven Academy and the Summer Stars Camp. This fight was a series of mini brawls that was mildly entertaining to watch. Though Lady Tan timing in taking down He who is lower than a snake bottom just as he reached the peak of his evil sphere / death magic casting, was so comedic that all gather including other Fenrisians who were conscious to burst out laughing.

This little ruckus soon drag in a few other factions to settle old scores, and while it was fun as the Elves just magic, magic, something, something healing stuff everybody back up, I decide to final take up Tiberius Rex up on that old promise of Mead at the Cold Dawn Camp. Only to discover he was out of mead. Thankfully he had an alternative drink and we had a good theological talk about the Otomi Gods and a few other factions believes. Our talk was interrupted by the return of a sheepish looking Cold Dawn Archer.

Seem someone had told him that shooting the ritual Master with an arrow would be funny, and naïve archer did it. The mixed of pain and resign look on Tiberius Rex face as he said ‘I best go and try to sort this’ was strangely familiar, thou different to see someone else with that look. It would seem the work of Priests and Shamans is the same across nations.

At that Moment Malcaius Davion of the Wizard Concillium and his dragonborn arrived at the Cold Dawn stockade and strongly request a word with the Archer. When the Archer finally approach them, Malcaius cut his two bow fingers off, and told him to see the ritual master if he wanted them back. I could see the time to leave Tiberius Rex to his problems had come.

At Noon Bretwelda Steiner led the rest of the Asgard to confront Izapoti about the truth of feathers. While I stay near the ritual circle and the Academy to keep track of any new Information, and to ensure nothing appear in the Ritual Circle per circulating rumours.

Sadly, at Midday a strange group approach the ritual circle they invaded the ritual circle and prayed to Quetzalcoatl for aid and strength to drive the evil invaders from Orin Rakatha from their Lands. I did try to explained to him we weren’t invaders like the Conquistadors and only wish to help the Otomi, but he ignored me and focused upon the completion of his Ritual. Quetzalcoatl answered by unleashing many Earth Elementals upon the few remaining individuals, who had not gone to confront Izapoti. Sadly, there was a critical shortage of magic user of ensorcerered blades meant the small force of Crimson Winter, Forgotten, Vagrants and myself (later aid by Cousin Olaf) struggle to fight off the Earth Elementals, indeed if not for the noble efforts of the Forgotten healer bandages and few Dark bolts, I doubt we would have survived long enough for the main forces factions to return and eliminated the earth elemental force.

In the next hour or so the Crimson Winter decided to try and create a permanent Magical Blade and began asking their allied factions if they could provide Ritualist to aid, which we did. It was decided to attempt this after the Crimson Winter had time to cast the ritual of protection of fire Magic over the main Incanter.

At the second hour after lunch Sebastian of Azad-an asked for representatives of the Valley and the Shadowsfall Keepers to meet at the Atolli, for agreement about the forthcoming Axos Mission. As this didn’t directly concern us we focus our efforts on the ritual to summon or find the elder of Otomi. Which the Summoning went well, but the elder turn out to be led by Mathi, He who brings the Rain and he was accompany by two other Nacromantic Liches, sadly I missed the rest of the encounter as Bretwelda Steiner was attack by a werewolf and as the only other Asgard in the vicinity I had to rush over to his defence. Aided by Knights of the Forgotten and Cold Dawn the four of us able to beat this creature off Steiner and to the floor. Where the magic wore off to reveal a confused cousin Olaf, who said the last thing he remembered was being given a drink by the Horde.

Upon return my attention to the ritual Circle I saw all the festival rituals on the floor and Mathi lead the other two elder/Lich from the ritual circle. Not long after another wave of undead creatures attacked and were repelled at cost. At this time, Tyvus Skyborn went with the Asgard devote into the Ritual Circle and offer praise to Orn and request help with fighting the Wandering Undead that plagued the area. As Tyvus singsong words fil the air, the Asgard felt the faction weapon power return.

Around the third hour of the afternoon Toxylcalix speak the truth of death sadly we did encounter him, so were force to rely on word of mouth.

Between the third and fourth hour both the Horde and Fenrisian approach us about the Cold Dawn, it seems they were using their large party size to attack anybody with a feather. After much Soul searching Bretwelda Steiner decide the Cold Dawn had broken the pact and he was prepared to be co-belligerent against the Cold Dawn. While the Horde and Fenrisian want to just attack, Bretwelda Steiner insisted the Asgard would march to the front of the Stockade and announce the pact broken and attack their shield wall at the gate head, on with honour, what our co-belligerent did was up to them.

The Cold Dawn ambassador remain was characteristically rude upon our arrival, so Bretwelda Steiner declared the pact broken and order the attack, Shield Wall on Shield Wall. Sadly, the Cold Dawn did a poor job at rear guard and were over run from behind by the Horde and Fenrisians.

In the aftermath, it was found Murtagh had disobey Steiner and mortal one of the Cold Dawn in return for attempting to mortal him the previous night. Steiner decide to give Murtagh a mild verb telling over for it.

Afterwards Tyvus Skyborn participated while I watched the Warriors of the Crimson Winter with several ritualists of other factions, attempt to create a permanent fire blade. While they had put a ritual of fire element protection on themselves, they did seem to be over stoking the fire magic, and so I wasn’t surprised when what appears to be a greater fire element appeared in the circle. To say it took a bit of an effort to beat the elemental into the sword. Given most of the magic attack available were fired based, which weren’t they useful against a fire element. Never the less they were successful and trapped the elemental in the blade. However, while the ritualists were being healed an individual believe to be the wondering monk, seemingly associated with the Monk stole away the blade and for reason unclear hide it in the Keepers Ship the Reliquary. Which the Keepers returned to the Warriors of the Crimson Winter, promising a full review of how the weapon got to be in the Reliquary.

At the same time, a somewhat fancy Wizard in purple and gold robes turn up, to speak with the members of the Wizard Concillium. Knowing when it a good time to be elsewhere I wave hello and start to retreat and all I got for being nice was a lightning bolt to the chest. Thankfully there was a healer to hand. While being pick up, I overheard some pieces of the conversation and what I could piece together was that the Wizards think only they should teach magic and all others who teach magic need to be shut down. I feel the Senior Deans of the Misthaven Academy might have something to say about that.

At the fourth hour after noon, a meeting of the scribes occurred at Atolli, while many of the gather factions took on Huitzilopochtli chosen warriors in a single combat tournament. As the Priestess of Huitzilopochtli had told the gathered factions that they could only remain on Moki Mountains if we won the tournament, the cost of entry was a feather per entrant, never the less the gather factions did put forward a strong team.

The factions’ warriors perform admirability and I took pride in that the Asgard generally perform was better than satisfactory, thou the Brothers two did perhaps not perform to their usual high standards in the Champion of Champion duals. The Priestess of Huitzilopochtli unhappy with her warrior performance, ask the factions to slaughter the remain warriors as a sacrifice to Huitzilopochtli, which was one local custom the factions seemed to enjoy taking part in.

At the turn of afternoon into evening I spot the Witch and he who should not be name leading a group of Fenrisian to Ritual Circle accompany by an Asgardian scout, He who should not be named said I was welcome and encouraged me to watch what the Fenrisian do with their cultural exchange Ambassador from the Asgard. I ask the Asgard the brave and noble Individual one Ofrǫlvi Ektynasson, who said he freely want on this exchange to secure an [peace that would allow the Asgard and Fenrir to understand each other better, and work together to defeat the void.

I remain dubious but stay to report back what transpired to Bretwelda Steiner. Where I had the misfortune to witness the Fenrisian corrupt the Wardurna ritual and suddenly disarm and restrict poor Ofrǫlvi Ektynasson. Where they summon Fenris to fed upon their cultural exchange, it was cold blood murder of exchange Asgardian and worst their action to deliberately ensure he remain unarmed, despite his pleading to ensure his soul didn’t pass onto Valhalla or even the plane of Sleepless dead. Then the corpse was rip to shreds in a splatter of blood and demonic wolf growls. Then the Witch show clear disrespect to both Ofrǫlvi and the ritual circle by just kicking away a bone laughing as she and her twisted kin left. Leaving the remains broken in the Circle.

Not long afterwards the Brothers Two disappear on a simple scouting mission, so Jarl Ediko and myself conduct a quick search, while passing the Cold Dawn Camp, we were unprovoked approach by the Cold Dawn demanding a toll for using their road, they were remained toll roads are banned under the law of Orin Rakatha that allow free movement. To which several Cold Dawn warriors decide to attack and while Ediko and myself did a fine job of holding them off eventually their higher numbers told. Thankfully one of our healers found us in time and return us to health. The Incident was report to Bretwelda Steiner, who acknowledge it and said, it proved that the Cold Dawn can’t be trusted. Rather than waste our steel on them, we would report their violations of the laws to the Valley and allow them to deal with it.

With nothing but a desire for revenge I report the event to Bretwelda Steiner. This lead to a very heated debate, but Steiner decided to go to the area between the Camote and the Atolli and called out the Fenris High Priest, he who is truly lower than a snake’s bottom. Of course, he hid behind his chief warrior rather than face Jarl Rodan in honourable combat. In the end an agreement was reach that Jarl Rodan would fight the travelling Monk. I believe Huscarle Eprous will submit a separate battle report with the full details. After an excellent fight, Jarl Rodan prevailed.

Around this time, we received reports of undead heading towards the Reliquary and so we decide to go help the Shadowsfall keepers defend their ship.

After a quick dinner Tyvus Skyborn met with the other Ritualist for an update meeting at Atolli

Around the seventh hour of the evening a group of Otomi come to listen to our words to see if we understand them at ritual circle near Camote. Here the Fenrisian Witch and The Elf Markie of the Misthaven Academy, confirm their understanding of the Codex

At the Ninth Hour of the evening, The Ritualists started the sequence of rituals to rotate the Ziggurat through the various Temples. While They did this the Warriors of the Festival factions engaged Mathi, He who brings the Rain. Having received no information on his weaknesses, I attend the Shine of Orn and Prey to Orn for guidance and victory over Mathi. A short time later the Asgard Force return reported success in the battle.

Around after half past the tenth hour of the night Deydu the Night Falls arrive demanding his twenty sacrifices, despite early agreements, they were a failure of courage and rather than be proportional split the Asgard and the Fenrisian warriors paid most of the price. The absence of sacrifice from some factions was indeed noted by their absence from the corpse pile. Due to the slowness of the other factions offering their battle sacrifices, Deydu the Night Falls took twenty one. Half an hour before Midnight the arrival of Flaniscan, the Light of the Dawn, now an Nacromancy Lich, in Summer Stars Camp. Here he asked for help to be restore to full life, in return he would travel back to Orin Rakatha and help restore the bloodline, since he couldn’t do that as a Lich. So around Midnight the ritualist gather for the final ritual and restored Flaniscan to mortal Life.


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