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The Time of Reckoning 2012

27-30 September 2012

All Towers are invited to another Time of Reckoning. Who will gain and who will lose the Favour of the Mystics? Will there be Towers raised or will Towers fall?

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The Interplanar Fayre 2012

12-15 July 2012

Following from last year, the Halls of Asgard are hosting the Interplanar Fayre in the Brennin Plains. What games will the Asgard ask the Factions to take part in? If Favour is needed at the Time of Reckoning who will succeed in collecting enough Favour?

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Journey to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead

11-13 May 2012

With the returned Mystic banishing a number of Factions to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead, the other Factions are called to investigate what this place is. And what of the Skeleton of Doom? He has not been seen since destroying the Elixir of Life!

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The Time of Reckoning 2011

23-25 September 2011

All Towers are invited to another Time of Reckoning. Who will gain and who will lose the Favour of the Mystics? Will there be Towers raised or will Towers fall?

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The Interplanar Fayre 2011

8-10 July 2011

Following from last year the Shadowsfall are hosting the Interplanar Fayre in the Shadows Dells. The Fayre itself seems to have "awakened" with the return of magic to Orin Rakatha. What is the Fayre's purpose? What games will the Shadowsfall assassins ask the Factions to take part in? If Favour is needed at the Time of Reckoning who will succeed in collecting enough Favour? Why are the Mists rolling over the land with more frequency and what is the significance in the increased encounters with Hordelings?

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The Oasis of Souls

6-8 May 2011

Now that the Ark of the Mystics is open and the Mistweaver has been released it seems that he is headed to the Oasis of Souls. What ancient treasures and horrors are buried in the sands surrounding the Oasis? What does the map within the box point to? What is the Mistweaver trying to achieve? It is rumoured that the means of returning Necromancy to Orin Rakatha lies in the Oasis of Souls - what is Necromancy and is it desirable to see it returned?

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Time of Reckoning 2010

1-3 October 2010

Scouts Have Returned

Having spent a little time scouting out the recent Kalid activity, the Faction Scouts have reported that the Kalid are searching for the Talisman of Rol-Farantir, and Item of Renown, which, if owned, will allow the holder to gain / hold a Tower WITHOUT the need of Favour.
The Towers have sent forth their Factions to the area of the Rainbow Lake, not only to pledge their Favour tot he Mystics, but also to try to gain this Item for their Tower.

After many years, the Mystics, have announced a Time of Reckoning

In the past, this was an annual Reckoning to see if the various peoples who reside on Orin Rakatha, had enough Favour to hold their Towers.
Those who did not, were thrown out, and became Towerless, and thus at the mercy of those still Towered, and the Mists which roll across Orin Rakatha, cleansing all those not protected by a Tower.

And now a Time of Reckoning has been called again, and Factions will be called on to collect up their Favour, to try and ensure that their People remain secure within their Towers, and take their accumulated status to the Rainbow Lake, and present it to the Mystics for consideration.

News from Orin Rakatha

A number of Kalid Legions have been spotted moving across Orin Rakatha, and they all seem to be converging on the Rainbow Lake, at it's centre.

Scouts from numerous peoples have gathered what little information they can, and so far, they have found that the Kalid search for something called the Talisman of Rol-Farantir.

As yet, no-one has any information about this mystery Talisman, or what it is for, but information gatherers are still in the field, and everyone awaits their return.

The Mystery

If this Talisman exists, what could it be? And why do the Kalid seek it?
And are there any Omens in the massed ranks of the Kalid heading for location of the Time of Reckoning?

Factions have been called to meet at the Rainbow Lake to investigate, and to pledge their Favour.

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The Interplanar Fayre 2010

2-4 July 2010

The Summer Stars invite all to the Interplanar Fayre which they will be hosting in their forest home - the Greenheart. The Summer Stars will be attempting to return Life Magic at the Grove of the Tree of Life. It is seldom that those outside of the Summer Stars are able to walk the Greenheart in peace and explore its ancient secrets. Rumours of magical wood, the existence of strange fey creatures and the possibility of learning more about the strange history of the Fayre draw others to the Greenheart.

Games Announcement

The Summer Stars are pleased to announce some of the games that will be run at The Interplanar Fayre.

There will be a Beauty Contest, and it will be a 3 part contest
The first part will be an Evening wear section
The second part will be "A Turn", where contestants will answer all those question you really want answered, and do a party piece of their own choosing!!
The 3rd part will be Swim wear!

All those wishing to enter should come suitable equipped!

There will be a knockout Scout's Competition, and a Forest Archery Competition

There will also be an Entertainers Competition, so all of our Bards and Musicians should come prepared.

Other Competitions will be run during the Fayre, and will be announced when the Factions arrive.


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Return to Devil's Island

April 23-25 2010

Having safely returned to Orin Rakatha, after their visit to Akari Island, the factions now know that with some risk, and for the right price, it is possible to travel through the rift gate to other lands that were previously sealed to all. The Keepers faction have located the whereabouts of the last place they were shipwrecked and will be leading all the factions on a mission to locate what remains of their ship and a few valuables that they may have buried in the local area. Who knows what creatures inhabit this place and will they be friendly or hostile? Do you have what it takes to come to Devils Island?

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Recruitment 2009

October 2-4 2009

At the forthcoming recruitment the factions will undertake the perilous journey through the rift gate into the unknown beyond. Both great dangers or great prizes may lie on the other side of the rift gate, what ever happens the factions intend to journey forth holding aloft the reforged Sword of Law with the intention of returning life and death magic to Orin Rakatha.

Additionally the factions hope that the great powers of the rift gate will make their current factions skills permanent so that they might begin researching new ones.

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The Interplanar Fayre 2009

July 3-5 2009

Following the Wizard's Concillium successful opening of the rift gate at the Moment of Magic and the return of elemental magic to Orin Rakatha the factions turn their thoughts to life and death magic at the forthcoming Interplanar Fayre.

Why does the Sword of Life lie powerless, what links it to the Eye of Set and the Curse of Amontep? Will the combination of these items of power somehow remove the curse of Tuchi Moonchild and allow the factions to venture through the Rift Gate safely at the following Recruitment?

What of the new creatures, mercenaries, missionaries and traders that have started coming through the Rift Gate onto Orin Rakatha, will they prove to be friend or foe?

In addition:

The Traders Faction wish to sponsor a Minstrels Competition. All factions are requested to put forward representatives for this competition to be held on Saturday Evening in the Tavern from 7pm
The factions may enter as many individuals (or groups) as they wish; each entertainment slot must be no more than 7 minutes long and may take the form of any entertainment (songs, dance, music, poetry, magic etc etc)
The 4 best acts (chosen by a panel of judges) will be requested to perform again the same night in a finale for which the winner will gain a tremendous prize

Tuchi MoonChild wishes to proclaim a 'Summer King'; this person will be offered the opportunity to influence the laws of Orin Rakatha for one year.

Orlo, Master of Arms of the Mercenaries, intends to organise a pitched battle to prove which of the factions has the skill, knowledge and guile to be proclaimed victorious. The battles will take 3 formats.
First, paired combats - each faction must nominate their best pair of fighters to enter the ring of combat; this will take the form of a knock out competition.
Second, the factions will fight each other in the ring of combat again in a knock out form.
The finale is a grand pitched battle with the factions divided into equal sides; the faction the scores the most points from these three competitions will be trained by Master Orlo in new skills of Combat at the next Recruitment.

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A Moment of Magic

April 23-26 2009

Following the partial failure of the Labyrinth of Xenos to break the wards on Ritual Magic created by the Mystics the Wizard's Concillium have begun investigations into the reasons behind the failure. They have concluded that the main reason was due to the lack of power in the ritual and have decided that a Stone of Great Power is required to be forged. This Stone of Great Power must be fused with the powers of the elements; luckily since the rift was opened a number of Elemental creatures have begun to come through and the Wizards Concillium have found out that the essences of these creatures form shards of such a stone. If they can create this stone they believe that the rift will become stable and the access to Elemental Magic will be sealed. No one knows what links the great creature that came through the rift either to the actions of the Concillium or the Labyrinth nor how Elemental Magic is rumoured to be but part of the powers that Ritual Magic would grant; perhaps the Aldonar Tombs hold more secrets or even the Lost Elves know more of the magics of Life and Death; the knowledge of which lies even beyond that of the Concillium - But being practically minded they intend to crack that one next!

The factions continue to learn more of the use of the great Primaries (and other items of Renown) and support the Wizard's Concillium to bring back Elemental Magic to Orin Rakatha - perhaps uncovering some knowledge of what lies in the future.

Now the Wizards Concillium are calling on all the factions and mercenaries to gather and aid them to enable safer casting of ritual magic.

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Recruitment 2008

October 24-26 2008

The laws of the land state that any who come to the world of Orin Rakatha must join a faction within a year and a day of their arrival. After that they are considered towerless and are considered fair game to all factions to hunt and kill.

Every year the mercenaries host the ‘Recruitment’. All towers are invited to send a faction to recruit those who have not already joined a tower. Spardan, the Leader of the mercenary faction, has sent out the word and all the mercenaries towerless and independents from around the world will be gathering to decide which faction they will join.

Many individuals and some groups will have come through the legendary ‘World Window’ from other worlds as scouts and as forerunners to see what possibilities and potential there is for them to have their own factions.

Spardan has invited faction leaders’ representatives’ members and individuals all to gather on the Thursday night to set up their camps. Friday will be a time for each faction to gather their people together and discover what orders and missions have been sent by their tower.

Recruitment begins on the Friday evening and will continue right through until the Saturday night late/Sunday AM. On the Sunday the factions will pack up and leave taking their new recruits with them and reporting back to their tower what new factions may have begun.

Everyone will expect diplomacy intrigue, alliances to be made and broken, assassination attempts, political and combat missions, competitions and games. All will be taking place at …….

‘The Recruitment’.

The main idea behind this LARPing event is for players already in a faction to complete and further personal group and faction plot and missions as well as introducing other players to what their LARP faction is all about. Players not in a Herofest LARP faction already will be able to visit each faction and see what is on offer. Their will be initiation tests and welcome ceremonies for all new faction members over the course of the event.

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The Wedding

July 18-20 2008

 You have been cordially invited to attend the wedding of Tuchi Moonchild, Hostess to the Interplanar Fayre and Sir Bloodgar of Telmar, from Halmadons Heights. 

This LARP LARPing event follows on directly from the first Herofest event “the Interplanar Fayre”, where one of the available tasks was to vie for the hand of Tuchi Moonchild; this honour was won by Bloodgar of Halmadons Heights.  Now just over 2 months later the preparations are set for the wedding of the year.  Tuchi Moonchild has given an open invitation to all, to bear witness to her wedding to Sir Bloodgar.  In accordance with the customs of her people, it is fitting that celebrations and games be held in honour of this occasion.  The celebrations will be held on Orin Rakatha, at the edge of the Brennin Plains, near the World Window.  It is not necessary to bring gifts to this event.

 The celebrations will commence on the Friday evening where Tuchi Moonchild will welcome her guests and explain what will be asked of them, the games will then commence.  There will be several competitions, both individual and team, and a Great Hunt.  Favour will be awarded to individuals, similar to the Interplanar Fayre and there will be prizes for the 3 individuals with the most Favour by the time the wedding commences.  The actual wedding will take place at Dusk on the Saturday, followed by the normal party celebrations.  Everybody will then depart the following day.  The event will be controlled by a number of individuals employed by Tuchi Moonchild to ensure that everything is fair and above board.

 All attendees are expected to abide by the spirit of the celebration and refrain from the normal political machinations expected between various Factions.  Each Faction has agreed to this and consequently decided not to send Faction Representatives, but to let individuals attend and act as they see fit.  No doubt, however, there will be some Faction specific agenda that some individuals will be pursuing.  Consequently, there will be no Faction areas or encampments; everybody will be camped in one large area.  However, this does not prevent members of the same Faction from camping together or acting as one cohesive unit if they wish to do so.  There will be an Aura of Serenity covering all of the camping areas, preventing any fighting from taking place, but this will not cover the competition or celebration areas – so it is advised to be cautious in these areas. 

It is emphasised that the focus of this LARP event is on individuals and character development and not Faction orientated missions.  Whilst there will be Faction plot and information around, the main thrust will be on individuals and their development.  With this in mind, the composition of teams for the various competitions is determined randomly and will change for each competition.  Favour will be awarded to individuals in each successful team.  The prize for the three people with the most Favour will take the form of additional training and therefore be individual specific and not something that can be shared.  Although you may decide to help individuals of your Faction if you feel this is appropriate. 

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The Interplanar Fayre 2008

May 2-5 2008

The weekends LARP will take place at the Interplanar Fayre on the world of Orin Rakatha. The Fayre appears every year for two weeks and will game with everyone who travels there as long as they obey all the rules. The Factions compete to be the host of the Fayre. The Faction that gains the most wins at the fayre is then recognised as hosts for the next years Fayre. This is a very rewarding title to gain and the benefits of these rights are highly sought after.

This was the first Herofest LARP event. It was held at Candleston campsite in South Wales near Bridgend. There were 6 LARP Factions competing to become the Fayre's premier Faction. The Dai-Fah-Dyne Faction won and will be the hosts for the Fayre in 2009.

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