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Herofest LARP - Time of Reckoning 2010

Herofest 9 LARP

LARP Factions Attending

The Halls of Asgard
The Mercenaries
The Dai-Fah-Dyne
The Wizards Concillium
The Jewelled Pavilion
Circle Aflame
The Shadowsfall
The Squires
The Keepers
The Summer Stars
The Hepath Assembly

Significant Moments

The Kalid had headed into the area surrounding the Rainbow Lake, searching for an Item of Renown called the Talisman of Rol-Farantir, which is reputed to allow you to hold a Tower, regardless of Favour.

A number of the Kalid Legions were found in the area, and it appeared that they were fighting amongst themselves to obtain keys to the Ark of the Mystics, which had been brought to the Tavern by the Labyrinth of Xenos

The Valdemar Legion had been decimated by the Crimson Feast, who during the Factions stay near the Rainbow Lake, "unleashed the beast" that was hidden beneath a number of the Factions forces.

The Crimson Feast were pursued by a number of Factions, but escaped

The Valdemar, worried by their lack of numbers, gave up their key to the strongest - who turned out to be the Keepers.

The Kalid 3rd and 7th Legions, were ambushed by combined forces of a number of Factions, and their keys were taken.

A Reader merchant was also in possession of a key, but he had also been ambushed, and sold his key to the highest bidder.

As Saturday night drew on, a strange fire creature appeared, and from him was taken a Lava Rock.

The Labyrinth of Xenos came back to the Tavern, and following a discussion between the Factions, it was decided to open the Ark.

There were 4 locks upon it, but 5 keys had been found

One bore the symbol of Shards of Ice,
One bore the symbol of Fingers of Flame,
One bore the symbols of a Goblinoid Creature,
One bore the symbols of a Feather,
The last bore the symbol of Lava

When the Ark was opened, something strange happened to the Labyrinth of Xenos, and they became fierce fighting creatures, who sought to destroy all, but were eventually destroyed by the combined might of the Factions.

Inside the Ark were 4 recesses, one of which it was believed would fit the Rock of Lava found by Circle Aflame, the Talisman of Rol-Farantir, and half a map.

A Shadowsfall Judge came to the Tavern , and he was given the Talisman by the Shadowsfall Faction. He announced, that no Faction would loose their Tower at this Time of Reckoning.

New Factions Declared


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The Time of Reckoning 2010 Herofest LARP Event


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