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Herofest LARP - interplanar Fayre 2010

Herofest 8 LARP

LARP Factions Attending

The Mercenaries
The Dai-Fah-Dyne
The Wizards Concillium
The Jewelled Pavilion
The Morgothians
The Shadowsfall
The Squires
The Keepers
The Summer Stars
The Hepath Assembly

Significant Moments

The Elves of the Summer Stars Faction, as most Favoured of the people of Orin Rakatha, invited the factions to meet for the Interplanar Fayre in the Greenheart for a weekend of competitions.

The Dymwan, kidnapped Maia, from the Summer Stars, and used her body to bring back the trapped soul of their leader Isra Seren.

Triannon Starstealer also attended they Fayre, and he had summoned and Aspect of The Circle of Life and Death called Rot, whom he wished to kill using the Spear of Life Stealing, to gain immortality.
The Dai-Fah-Dyne were trying to do some business with the Factions, trying to sell a slave called Amigen Moonchild, the brother of the missing Tuchi Moonchild, host of previous Interplanar Fayre's.

The Squires Faction, with the guidance of a strange figure who called himself the Ring Master, had uncovered some magic pine cones, which turned out to be instructions on how to return Life Magic to Orin Rakatha. They Squires traded these scrolls with the Summer Stars, who performed their own Ritual, and summoned another Aspect of the Circle of Life and Death, named Hunter. The Summer Stars had to strike the Hunter with the Sword of Life, and this would return Life Magic to Orin Rakatha.

Orlo, Master at Arms of the Mercenaries announced that he was stepping down, and that Acheron Wolfgar, Bran and Rodan would lead the new Faction of the Halls of Asgard, and that the Halls would look after all newcomers to Orin Rakatha for a year and a day. The newcomers would still be named Mercenaries.

The Morgothians eventually gained Amigen Moonchild, and the Ambassador tried to assimilate him, as he had done with Tuchi Moonchild, hoping to gain the power over the Interplanar Fayre, and his own personal Aura of Serenity, thus making him un-killable.
Unfortunately for him, this was what the Ring Master, who was the Interplanar Fayre, had wanted all along, too reunite the Moonchilds, and this drove the Ambassador mad. He frothed at the mouth, ranted, and then attacked his own Morgothians. The Ring Master stepped in and finished off the Ambassador.
The Ring Master also made a decree, for their part in trying to usurp the Interplanar Fayre, the Morgothians would be banned from this point onwards.

Deviously, Rashnag rose, and declared that they were not Morgothians, in fact the were the Circle Aflame, and thus were not covered by the ban.

At the appointed hour of the Conjunction, the Factions gathered to try and slay the particular Aspect they wished, but after a hard fought battle, Hunter was slain with the Sword of Life, and Life Magic has returned to Orin Rakatha.

During the Interplanar Fayre, Hunter explained that the Mists had returned to Orin Rakatha, and during the "Killing Hour", death was for closer and quicker than it had ever been before. He also explained the Hordelings were drawn to areas of the Mists to "cleans" Orin Rakatha.

The Fayre was also visited by the Crimson Feast Legion of the Kalid

New Factions Declared

The Halls of Asgard
Circle Aflame

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The Interplanar Fayre 2010 Herofest LARP Event


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