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Herofest LARP - Recruitment 2009

Herofest 6 LARP

LARP Factions Attending

The Tombs of the Dymwan
The Mercenaries
The Dai-Fah-Dyne
The Wizards Concillium
The Jewelled Pavilion
The Morgothians
The Shadowsfall
The Squires
The Keepers
The Summer Stars
The Hepath Assembly

Significant Moments

The Wizards Concillium made their second successful opening of a portal and all of the factions traveled through to the Oriental world of Akari Island. Their main reason for being here was to find a way to bring back Life and Death magic to Orin Rakatha. However the sudden arrival of a number of armed groups was not welcome by the local populace who called upon their armed forces to repel what they believed to be barbarian invaders. Time was short and many factions had their own reasons for being on the new world; rumour has it that before the ward against magic went up over Orin Rakatha a number of magical items were hidden on this Oriental world and the competition to retrieve these was intense. As time ran out everyone was forced to flee through the portal. On returning home it was learnt that the quest to return death magic had been successful but to retrieve life magic was not complete!

New Factions Declared

The Jewelled Pavilion

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Recruitment 2009 Herofest LARP Event


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