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Herofest LARP - The Time of Reckoning 2012

LARP Factions Attending

Halls of Asgard
The Mercenaries
Wizards Concillium
Jewelled Pavilion
Circle Aflame
The Squires
Summer Stars
Tombs of the Dymwan
Sept of the First Wolf
Keisora Dynasty
Warriors of the Crimson Winter
Knights of the Cold Dawn

Significant Moments

The Factions and other Towered peoples journeyed to the area of the Central Isle, in readiness for paying their Favour.

There they encountered senior members of both the Shadowsfall Horologists and Shadowsfall Archivists, who tried to get the Factions to escort them to places of safety

Also in the area were Towerless, who seemed to be trying to band together to gain Favour and a Tower.

Kleinwort Ironfist came to tell those assembled that, with the blessing of the Mystics and the Mistweavers, he was forming the Village within the Ikarthian Triangle, as a safe haven for year and a day, for those new to Orin Rakatha, before they found a Tower.

An Elf from Thranduil named Arius, came to ask for the Factions to rekindle an old tradition, and elect a new Winter King, who would have the power to create one new Law for Orin Rakatha.

Swarthy men, dressed in red, with markings upon their faces came and were heard to tell that the "woe" man, the Savage Chieftain, was coming. The Jewelled Pavilion took umbrage with them.

Lord Arkreen told those assembled that he felt there was a change happening with the magics of Orin Rakatha, that the power of the Faction Primaries was failing, and that before the end of this gathering, the Faction Primaries would no longer have the power to perform the Ritual of Resurrection. He suggested that all Faction find a "devotee" to look after the Primaries until he has had time to investigate this problem, and that the Factions should investigate Ritual Magic to help power the Ritual if Resurrection.

Strange creatures attired in orange caused pandemonium in the dark.

The Shadowsfall and the Keepers seemed to have declared war on the Archivists and the Horologists, and had them assailed at every opportunity. It seemed to be going very badly for the Archivists and the Horologists, as they were attacked at their strongholds.

Many discussions were had between the Factions concerning what the future holds, and what Favour was all about. Some Factions held honour duels.

With the Factions representing the Favour of their Towers, this attracted many Hordelings to the area. So many, that Mistweavers, including Malakhai, arrived and declared a Shook - a meeting for discussion, where all were welcome to come and speak about things that concerned or interested them.

One of the Golden faced Darkpass Dymwan came to warn the Tombs of the Dymwan, that the Darkwind was now upon Orin Rakatha, and that they should not release it. He said that the Darkpass Dymwan had slain the Skeleton of Doom and were now seeking the Staff of Doom to stop the Darkwind being released.

Prince Karesh, of the Catacombs of Asharai Dymwan, sent a messenger to thank the Tombs of the Dymwan, and to let them know that with the removal of the Skeleton of Doom, the Staff of Doom had now passed to the Ghoul of Doom, and he hoped that they would work with the Catacombs of Asharai.

Aranthar Fenwyn, now the Ghoul of Doom returned, armed with the Staff of Doom. He forcibly removed the Ironclad from the Keisora Dynasty, and using the Staff of Doom to destroy it, released the Darkwind upon Orin Rakatha.

A Mystic arrived to announce the Reckoning. He told the Factions that Ritual Magic had now returned to Orin Rakatha, and that this would be needed to replace the declining power of the Faction Primaries. He also announced that Favour was no longer a tradeable commodity. He instructed the Factions to gain more knowledge of Ritual Magic as they would be tested soon.

The Factions procured components and paraphernalia, then performed Rituals to appease the Hepaths of Ritual.

The Mystic made the Reckoning. The Shadowsfall Horologists & Shadowsfall Archivists had lost their Towers. The Warriors of the Crimson Winter, the Knights of the Cold Dawn, The Forgotten, The Catacombs of Asharai, the Warriors of the Iron Island and the Easterlings of the Savage Chieftain, as well as all the existing Factions had towers.

Marik, of the Tombs of the Dymwan, stated that they were no friends of the Catacombs of Asharai, and that they would leave Orin Rakatha for the Darkpass.

Malakhai once again was dismissive of the Mystic, but Kleinwort Ironfist stepped forward and stated that those new to Orin Rakatha should be represented properly in the world, and that Malakhai had failed them. They fought, the fight leading off into the darkness, and only Kleinwort Ironfist returned.

New Factions Declared

The Forgotten

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The Time of Reckoning 2012 Herofest LARP Event


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