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Herofest LARP - The Interplanar Fayre 2011

Herofest 11 LARP

LARP Factions Attending

The Halls of Asgard
The Mercenaries
The Dai-Fah-Dyne
The Wizards Concillium
The Jewelled Pavilion
Circle Aflame
The Shadowsfall
The Squires
The Keepers
The Summer Stars
Tombs of the Dymwan

Significant Moments

The Factions journeyed to the Shadow Dells, an area controlled by the Shadowsfall.

They were greeted by Judge Helm Brighthand and Ikarus, who named the events for the Fayre - archery, scouting, and a test to be run by the Dymwan

The Fayre itself added 2 more game - Troll Ball and Skull Ball.

Lastly a knight from Halmadons Heights asked the Factions to help him gather some items that had been lost in the area, in return for great favour.

The Factions competed against each other whilst avoiding attacks from Hordelings on the first evening, and Undead and the Kalid Crimson Feast Legion on the second day. The Halmadonian returned to collect those things that had been collected for him, but unfortunately not all the items were found. The Factions also helped the Senior Wrangler, a Ritualist form the Wizards Concillium, to find his way to safety, after the Squires had released him form the clutches of a Hag and the Knights of Our Dark Lady.

The Factions found out that the Shadowsfall are made up for 4 groups - the Shadowsfall, the Keepers, the Archivists and the Horologists, and it appeared that these 4 groups did not always have the same ideals and direction.

Judge Brighthand returned at the end of the Fayre to announce the results, but was interrupted by the appearance of a frightening creature - the Zombie of Doom, who wielded the Staff of Doom. It mortally wounded many of those there, before disappearing into the night.

The results of the Fayre were then tallied up, and the Halls of Asgard had won, and would host next years Interplanar Fayre

New Factions Declared

The Keisora Dynasty

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The Interplanar Fayre 2011 Herofest LARP Event


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