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The Tombs of the Dymwan

Tombs of the Dymwan Herofest LARP Faction

Dymwan Nation Location:

The Oasis of Souls

Nation Leader:

Chancellor Untap


Secretive, skulking Necromancers who hoard forbidden lore. The world of Orin Rakatha has ancient knowledge hidden around the lands and what better way to discover the secrets than through knowledge of the dead. The Dymwan search the land for hidden tombs to plunder.

LARPing Notes:

The Dymwan are descended from the Aldonar race and have held a Nation for some time; they are the centre of all Necromancy on Orin Rakatha. They are split into a number of different groups, including The Dark Pass & The Catacombs of Asharai

Tombs of the Dymwan


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