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Halmadons Heights

Halmadons Heights Herofest LARP Tower

Halmadons Heights Nation Location:

Pass of Jayde

Nation Leader:



An association of crusading cross-Planar Knights and their retinues; they are both honourable and law abiding people. They hold to their word and fight injustice wherever it is encountered. They live by their beliefs and hold to these to the letter - a Halmadonian would rather die than break their word.

LARPing Notes:

The Halmadonians are an association of Knights from many worlds and they were one of the first Nations on Orin Rakatha to be occupied. They are led by a council of Grand Knights.

Their purpose in life is to oppose lawbreakers wherever they can. Although they have a Nation on this Plane their activities are spread across a multitude of worlds where they seek out challenges and quests to repeatedly test themselves and their retinues.

Many individuals will be found wondering Orin Rakatha deliberately looking for danger and challenges wherever possible. Their greatest activity on Orin Rakatha was their crusade many years ago against the Aldonar race that they all but wiped out.

Members of Halmadons Heights are extremely effective as a structured group who attack their enemies head on. They always fight honourably and normally give quarter to their enemy if asked.

Members of Halmadons Height are commonly human but do also have members from all races.


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