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The Wizards Concillium LARP Faction

The Wizards Concillium Herofest LARP Faction

Keisora DynastyNation Location: 

Gilden Far

Nation Leader:

Chancellor Maraius

Faction Leader:



The Wizards Concillium came to Orin Rakatha as a collection of those who use magic that were persecuted in worlds that did not understand or opposed such things. Since then they have attracted many like minded people and creatures who all now reside in their Nation. They have been working for many years to discover what prevents magic from working on this world and are always seeking out new information whatever the source. When encountered you should be aware that a wizard cannot answer any question with a short answer. Members of the Wizards Concillium can be of any race.

LARPing Notes:

Whilst most Nationed factions upon Orin Rakatha struggled and fought without magic during the troubled times the Wizard’s Concillium found themselves helpless without their arcane might and were forced to retreat into their Nation. For many years the Concillium suffered, vulnerable when leaving the Nation and unable to exert any influence as they lacked the warriors, who were now the key to power. The loss of the second Concillium Nation followed as many former mages were killed in the field, or defected to stronger factions and the Concillium appeared to be heading for annihilation. For many years the Wizard’s remained in the vicinity of their remaining Nation, constantly experimenting in an attempt to bring about the return of magic but meeting with little success. As time past the Concillium became something of a joke and other factions left them alone to their madness, occasionally visiting them to sell now-useless magical tomes, which the Wizard’s alone were prepared to buy.

Centuries after the loss of magic to the world other Nations had forgotten most of what they ever knew of magic and what they did remember consisted of little more than fanciful stories sorcerers flinging balls of fire or striking their foes dead with a glance. Many even of the Concillium had turned away from the “ancient art” and had become interested in other fields, such as alchemy, engineering or history. The Concillium itself had carved out a small niche as scholars and scribes, renting their services to other factions and providing teaching to those prepared to pay. They were no longer wealthy, powerful or influential but they were surviving.

And then magic began to return to the world. Those Wizards who had remained true to the ancient art were the first to notice as their rituals began to have some limited results. It was difficult, and the magic was weak, but magic had returned. The Concillium hushed up this remarkable development for many years, fearful that other Nations would rather wipe them out now rather than risk the return of true sorcery.

Following the ritual performed by the Labyrinth of Xenos a few years ago, the Concillium once again found themselves the centre of attention as it would appear that magic is once again free upon the world, and they alone have retained the skills to harness and control it.

Although Magic has returned,the leadership of the Concillium has not forgotten the times when Wizards had to make do as scribes or hide in the Nation; indeed one of the Nations was lost in those days. Also, many other groups now have some sort of magic and may well be a threat in the future. Now that there are resources to spare, Arch Chancellor Snarlow has designated a special group to prepare against the day that magic fails again or other dangers threaten all wizards. Not just relying on the charm of tea and cakes, this group trains to fight with both magic and arms and stands ready to train the other wizards in combat should the need arise. Gaining power and experience in cooperation and in rivalry with the other factions of Orin Rakatha, this group is lead by the High Colonel (amongst his other titles) Rexx Draconis (blessed be his name).

They are the Concillium Combat Cadre, colloquially known as the Wiz’Ards!

How to Join the Wizards Concillium Faction

If you would like to join the Wizards Concillium faction either as an individual or as a group send an email to Herofest Live Action Role Playing - paul@herofest.co.uk and we will check if we have spaces available in the Faction.

The Wizards Concillium are the faction for me. Where do I sign up?

Fill out the bookings form found below and fill in the box with Wizards Concillium.
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Wizards Concillium Faction at Herofest LARP


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