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The Horde LARP Faction

Horde Herofest LARP Faction

The Horde Nation Location:

The north western corner of the Oasis of Souls

Faction Leader:



A powerful warlike faction who are always likely to back up their words with combat. They believe very much that might is right.

LARPing Notes:

Made up alomost entirely of Goblinoid creature, who bad together to survive

The Horde have their plans, and if you wish to be a part of those plans, join them!

Diplomatic status with the other factions

The Horde will start events with neutrality towards all other factions. This of course may change on the event and your actions as the players will affect diplomatic relations on future events. The Horde consider themselves to be evil.

How to Join the The Horde

If you would like to join the The Horde faction either as an individual or as a group send an email to Herofest Live Action Role Playing - paul@herofest.co.uk and we will check if we have spaces available in the Faction.

The Horde are the faction for me. Where do I sign up?

Fill out the bookings form found below and fill in the box with The Horde.
The booking form can be found here –

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Horde Herofest LARP Faction


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