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The Shadowsfall LARP Faction

Shadowsfall Herofest LARP Faction

Shadowsfall Nation Location:

The Mere

Nation Leader:


Faction Leader:

Laton Silk


The Shadowsfall were the first travelers to arrive upon Orin Rakatha. Prior to their arrival, Orin Rakatha was a land of Mistweavers and Mystics. The Shadowsfall were recruited by the Mystics to aid them in their struggle against the Mistweavers. By the Mystics power and the Shadowsfall’s efforts, the Orin Rakatha that we know today was forged. The Great Archive of the Shadowsfall (if it exists!), is rumoured to contain records of all significant events that have happened upon Orin Rakatha since their arrival. The Shadowsfall pride themselves on their neutrality.

LARPing Notes:

They are the oldest Nation on Orin Rakatha and have been around since its creation. They were first brought to Orin Rakatha to fight for the mystics in their war with the mistweavers. They also act as ‘honourable’ assassins for hire, who follow the strict terms of their contract until its completion. They are extremely lawful, never betray a contract and can be utterly ruthless. Most Nations have a relationship with the Shadowsfall based on caution with a hint of fear. When members of the Shadowsfall are working on a contract they usually show this by the wearing of Tower symbols on their faces. Members of the Shadowsfall operate most effectively in small groups and normally employ hit and run tactics rather than all out assault (although they can employ these methods when required). They are extremely effective combatants who are generally, but not exclusively, of Neutral persuasion. Members of the Shadowsfall tend to be Human, although they do have a small selection from the other races.

How to Join the Shadowsfall Faction

If you would like to join the Shadowsfall faction either as an individual or as a group send an email to Herofest Live Action Role Playing - paul@herofest.co.uk and we will check if we have spaces available in the Faction.

The Shadowsfall are the faction for me. Where do I sign up?

Fill out the bookings form found below and fill in the box with Shadowsfall.
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