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Mercenaries Herofest LARP Faction

Tower Location: 

Members of the Village are residents from numerous Planes and do not hold a Tower upon Orin Rakatha. Instead they are based at the Village, which is located in the Ikarthian Triangle, in the South of Orin Rakatha. This area is treated the same as a tower and mercenaries in this area are safe from attacks from other factions.

Tower Colours: 

Members of the Mercenaries Faction are not normally resident upon Orin Rakatha and therefore do not wear distinctive colours. There may be some Mercenary bands that have their own uniform.

Leader of the Village:

Kleinwort Ironfist


Those who take the protection of the Village, may journey out onto Orin Rakatha to attend events there, and whilst outside the Village, they will come under the protection of a particular Faction, and not necessarily all with the same Faction.

LARPing Notes:

An association of mercenaries, with their own goals and agenda. All players that attend a Herofest LARP event will be considered staying in the Village until they have either been accepted into a faction or formed one of their own. If you have not been LARPing at Herofest before you are unlikely to know much about the campaign world of Orin Rakatha and may therefore encounter problems being able to successfully play a towered faction. This should more than cover everything you need to know for the weekend. However some people still weren’t sure which is why we have created the Village faction. By joining this faction you can come along as any character type you like and we will ensure they fit in to the weekend. Almost any costume will do but if you don’t have anything suitable we can help you out. This also means that you are unlikely to join a faction only to find after one event that perhaps you had made the wrong choice.

How to Join the Village Faction

If you would like to join the Village faction either as an individual or as a group send an email to Herofest Live Action Role Playing - paul@herofest.co.uk and we will check if we have spaces available in the Faction.

The Village is the faction for me. Where do I sign up?

Fill out the bookings form found below and fill in the box with Villager.
The booking form can be found here –

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