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Herofest LARP is designed and run as a faction based LARPing game. Every player that attends their first LARPing event will be considered a mercenary and will start in the mercenary LARP faction . This allows the new player to interact with all the LARP factions already in attendance whilst being able to remain neutral if desired.

Below are all the details of the various LARP factions within the Herofest campaign world. Click on the title of the faction to take you to the LARP faction page to find out more details of each faction and the tower that they represent.

Shadowsfall LARP Faction »

Feared contract assassins and self proclaimed enforcers of the ancient laws of the world of Orin Rakatha; a very active faction who are involved in a myriad of plots and missions.

Keepers LARP Faction »

This is a second tower of Shadowsfall with their own hidden agendas. Whilst the main shadowsfall LARP faction is more direct in their approach and their members are openly seen to be involved in everything that goes on during an event, the Keepers prefer to stay in the shadows and watch events unfolding. Supposedly more knowledgeable on ancient lore however you will get nothing from them without paying a good deal in return!

Dai-Fah-Dyne LARP Faction »

This faction is made up of unscrupulous merchants who constantly haggle the details of trade and contracts. If you are looking for a trade deal or to find information of any kind then this is the faction you should approach. LARP players will become either merchants or their guards and followers.

Circle Aflame LARP Faction »

Following the Ban of the Morgothian Faction during the Interplanar Fayre 2010, and new group of fanatical Morgoth worshippers has arisen from the burning wreak of the Morgothian, called Circle Aflame. Their ideals and methods are not yet understood, but it is known that they still reside in the Tower once known of Morgothian

The Wizards Concillium LARP Faction »

A collection of all people and creatures interested in the workings of magic. Not entirely unlike the unseen university in the Terry Pratchet novels. They seek to renew the application of magic to the world and have started their own faction so that they might seek out information from other factions on the whereabouts of anything magic related.

The Jewelled Pavilion LARP Faction »

The Jewelled Pavilion are mainly a collection of explorers refugees and exiles from the land of Hayat Ghallaya. They have a similar culture to ancient Persians and are known for being gracious hosts. There is a link between these people and the race of Djinn although no one knows at his time what ties the two races together.

The Squires LARP Faction »

This is the faction for all LARP players who are under 16 years of age. The squires have their own plots and missions within the Herofest LARP campaign and play an important part in every event. Squires are the only players who can be members of two Herofest LARP factions, their own and one other.

The Halls of Asgard LARP Faction »

These unstoppable warriors have their own code of "The Strongest Shall Lead". They have a norse flavour to their appearance.

The Keisora Dynasty LARP Faction »

The Keisora Dynasty hail from a land with an oriental flavour, and they are masters at the use of alchemy

The Summer Stars LARP Faction »

The majority of the Summer Stars are made up of elves, from a variety of worlds, but this is not an exclusive thing for the Summer Stars. They are viewed by the other Factions as goodly peoples, but does recent activity suggest they may have been misunderstood?

Tombs of Dymwan LARP Faction »

Due to their reluctance to meet with the other Factions frequently enough, they failed to raise enough Favour to keep their Tower, and were banished to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead at the Time of Reckoning 2011

A like minded collection of secretive scholars who hoard forbidden lore. Their constant delving into old tombs and their desire to learn about the history of the world and its people have earned them the title of Necromancers. The world of Orin Rakatha has ancient knowledge hidden around the lands and what better way to discover the secrets than through knowledge of the dead.

Mercenaries LARP Faction »

Banished by a Mystic at the Time of Reckoning 2011 for refusal to offer Favour, the Mercenaries have been allowed to return to Orin Rakatha due to the influence of Orlo.

This faction is made up of everyone else who hasn't already joined one of the other LARP factions. This is usually players who are attending their first herofest event(s) and haven't yet made a decision as to what faction they wish to end up in. The mercenaries have their own goals and agenda. Everyone coming to Orin Rakatha and wishing to join a tower or faction will first become a mercenary. Many mercenaries will stay with the faction only until recruitment when they either join an existing LARP faction or gather together enough people to start their own new live role playing faction.

Knights of the Cold Dawn LARP Faction »

Warriors from Varidia, the Cold Dawn seek refugees from their home, in order to make a new start on Orin Rakatha

Having spent time amongst the Mercenaries, the Knights of the Cold Dawn stood on their own for the first time on the Plane of the Sleepless Dead

Warriors of the Crimson Winter LARP Faction »

The Warriors of the Crimson Winter are made up of a band of creatures and humans who have fled or been exiled from their homelands, they travel as mercenaries, seeking out the riches of the lands: bounty hunting, undertaking any task for a price, and going wherever they will be paid the most in reward. At first many of them traveled alone, but the lands were arduous and often infested by creatures that they stood little chance against alone. One by one they have met up and become the Warriors of the Crimson Winter. Now they earn coin together, support each other, and battle together. Within any group there are clashes of characters, and this group is no different, some of them may fight amongst themselves, but when it comes to it they are a tight unit that stand together against whatever they face.

Having made 2 attempt to get to Orin Rakatha, instead being taken to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead, the Warriors have finally succeeded, and now seek a Tower of their own.

Sept of the First Wolf LARP Faction »

Newly announced, the Sept of the First Wolf have up to now been residing with the Summer Stars, and seek to maintain a balance that their Gaia desires.

Former Herofest LARP Factions

The Hepath Assembly LARP Faction »

Had failed to raise enough Favour to keep their Tower at the Time of Reckoning 2011

For many years Hepaths have been unable to walk upon Orin rakatha because of the ward against magic. Now that the Labyrinth of Xenos have managed to disrupt the ward that lay over the land the Hepaths have once more returned. The faction consists of all manner of strange creatures from the planes beyond those of the prime material. They seek to destroy the ward against magic entirely so that they can utilise all their own powers.

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