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The Moki Mountains

4 - 7 May 2017

Moki Mountains Event at Herofest LARP

Slowly but surely the Void spreads its influence across Orin Rakatha; as it does it takes control of each node that it discovers. Some of these nodes have now been destroyed and must be rebuilt before the effect that this has on the very make up of our world is adversely affected beyond anyone’s ability to repair.

Only those descended from the original bloodlines of the people who created the primary nodes can recreate what was done so many centuries past.

So it is that we shall be travelling to the Moki Mountains on the Otomi home world to seek out whatever remains of the people whose ancestors constructed the Nodes of Life and Light.

We know that originally the Otomi people lived in scattered communities but were brought together when they were all conquered and subjugated by the Empire. Only centuries later did they free themselves from the yoke of these oppressors and journey forth onto new worlds.

Within the Otomi people there evolved a number of Temples; Temple of the Sun, Temple of Feathers, Temple of the Earth, Temple of Death and the Temple of Blood, to name but a few.

The Otomi are not known for welcoming outsiders and many dangerous creatures inhabit the Moki Mountains so we will need to bring strength of arms as well as those skilled in diplomacy.

It is known that the Otomi practiced a rare form of necromancy that did not use the powers of the spheres but potions and balms to create creatures of un-life that they revered as the Ancients.

Travelling via a mist gate the Azad-an have made first footfall on the Moki Mountains (the last known to have journeyed there were the Valley people almost seventeen years ago. Now the base camp is set and the rest of the Nations of Orin Rakatha journey to seek the true bloodline of the Otomi in the depths of the Moki Mountains.


The Drowned Vale & The Interplanar Fayre

20 - 23 July 2017

The Interplanar Fayre 2017 at Herofest LARP

‘Gentlemen and assassins and ladies of the night
I call upon you this evening in the hope of shedding some light
I can't go into detail or finger unfounded fools
But there are some here amongst us that are not playing to the rules’

This year the Keepers will host the Fayre. They have chosen not to hold this in the Festival Lands, as is usual, but to instead invite all those factions and peoples who want to attend to travel to a secret island in the ‘Drowned Vale’.

Making your way to the island is likely to be dangerous and the Keepers have issued a proclamation stating that they are in no way responsible for any injury or loss of life during the journey to and from the Fayre nor for its duration. Basically attendance is at your own risk!

Once you have arrived in the port of Erebos you will be given a map, which will take you inland to where the trials, contests and challenges shall be held.
When questioned on the nature of this year’s rules a Keeper was overheard to say that they would be more like guidelines!

Consider testing your wit in the Archives Bilges, undertaking a Gun Run or entering the Beauty of the Sea Pageant all within the backdrop of this mysterious Port rarely visited by so many non-seafaring folk.

The waters near the port are teeming with monsters and press gangs hide in dark allies bearing black spots and schillings; whatever happens you know there’ll be black sails at Midnight and the only code of conduit is that of Salt and Steel.

We are Darkness; We are Death; We are the Void

28 September - 1 October 2017

DWe are Darkness; We are Death; We are Void Event at Herofest LARP

As the day of Reckoning approaches many of the lands upon Orin Rakatha are suffering the ravages brought about by the Voids destruction of so many of the Nodes. If this continues whole areas of our world will become unliveable wastelands inhabited only by creatures native to the void itself.

Many people have come to the Festival Lands, refugees from the devastation that they have suffered at the hands of the Void. If not enough of the nodes have been rebuilt by the time the reckoning falls thousands will become Nomads.

So it is that groups from a number of lands are preparing to do whatever is necessary to repair the last of the Nodes overcome by the void; they must be healed and those who are undergoing this task, of utmost importance, must be defended. The festival lands may now be the last bastions of life, standing heroically against the tide that is the Void!

Groups of people, many who have been enemies in the past, fearfully draw together around the campfires at night both for the warmth and the protection in numbers. Whilst for many night is a time of terror and memories brought unbidden of recent horrific events, there are some who awaken to find new hope and draw strength from their dreams. Some have spoken of lands visited in their sleep where others also fight against the void; what does this mean and can we use it to help us in our own battle?

How many of the True Bloodlines have been found and returned to Orin Rakatha? What has become of the Masters of Lore – much will be revealed on the this day of Reckoning of all that is something against that which is nothing.

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