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Herofest - LARP/LRP Fests - What To Bring

What to Bring to a LARP Herofest event at Candleston

1. Costume
2. Spare costume (in case of rain etc)
3. Belt (always look good over a costume)
4. Weapons
5. Candles/battle candles/lantern or similar character lights for night time
6. Character name and background
7. Good Boots
8. Spare boots
9. Wash kit
10. Spare dry clothes
11. Insect repellent (We're ina forest and they can be annoying!!)
12. Gloves
13. Torch and spare batteries
14. In character bag for carrying food and drink
15. Water bottle (at least 1 in summer)
16. Directions to the site
17. Sun tan lotion in summer
18. Tent and camping equipment inc mallet or similar for pegs
19. Sleeping kit – air bed always useful
20. Sense of Humour
21. An in character drinking vessel such as tankard etc.
22. A camping chair or similar
23. Bin bags for non burnable rubbish
24. A cardboard box or similar for burnable rubbish
25. In character bandages
26. Washing up liquid tea towels wet wipes (if doing own catering)
27. Cooker pans cutlery crockery (if doing own catering)
28. In character pouch(es)

What NOT to Bring to a LARP Herofest event at Candleston

If you really need to bring any of the items below, i.e. mobile phones, then please keep them in your tent or car. Herofest cannot accept liability/responsibility for items that are lost or stolen on any of our events.

1 Animals
2 Real or re-enactment metal weapons
3 Illegal Drugs
4 Fireworks
5 Blank firing guns
6 Radios stereos iPods or similar
7 Glass
8 Expensive cameras or video equipment
9 Jewellery and watches
10 Blue jeans or white trainers
11 Any sort of heels (candleston is a sand based site)
12 Mobile phones

What to Bring to Herofest LARP


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