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I go LARPing - live role playing to interact with other players and like diplomacy, espionage, trading and plot. Will Herofest have all of these because if it is mostly combat orientated then it is not for me?

Each faction will start with a list of its own unique missions which are enough to occupy the whole faction for the entire event. There are also additional and secret missions which are added as the plot unfolds.

What out of character facilities will there be?

The existing building at Candleston has been improved to allow a bar and kitchen area so we now have a tavern and full catering facilities. There are over 100 acres allowing us plenty of room for each faction to have a separate camping area with many standpipes and fire pits. In each faction camp there will be a faction tent and campfire area. There are toilets washrooms and showers which are lit and have hot water 24 hours a day.

I like fighting when I go LARPing - Live Action Role Playing and am not so interested in all the diplomacy trading etc, will there be plenty for me to do?

Yes, almost all of the missions will be opposed in some way by 1 or more of the other factions. This means that to complete missions successfully sometimes you are going to have to fight.

What time do the Herofest LARP events start and finish?

Official time in is Friday Evening and official time out is when you go to bed on the Saturday night/Sunday morning. You can arrive anytime on the Thursday or Friday to set up and cars will be allowed onto the camping areas for people to unload before going to the car park. No vehicles will be allowed on site on the Saturday. Thursday and Sunday are out of character and give players a chance to socialise and take things easy; this improves the quality of the live role playing during time in as everyone has had a chance to say hello and catch up with friends both old and new. Friday during the day is faction day where those who have come early can take their time to set up, discuss tactics plot etc and make their camps look good.

I have never done any form of Live Action Role Playing LARP/LRP, will I still be able to be fully involved?

Yes, the main idea of Herofest is to have a number of factions each with a maximum of 20 people. This encourages everyone in the faction to take part. The faction that does the best is likely to be the one that gets all of its members the most involved. Everyone in Live Role Playing remembers what is was like when they first started and this generates a very helpful and positive attitude towards people who are new to LARP.

I don’t have everything that I need to play Herofest LARP, can you help?

There will be the availability to buy, borrow or hire the LARP costumes and weapons that you need for the event. Everything else you need is what you would take on any normal camping weekend away. We have a list of useful items to bring with you available on this website, under the bookings tab.

What happens if my LARP character is killed?

Live Role Playing is more exciting when there is the possibility of death. If you go into a combat area there is always a chance this could happen to you. Should you be unfortunate enough to die then other members of your faction will have to recover your body and have you resurrected. This will take you out of the game for a short time and will cost your faction in time and resources.

What is the currency at Herofest LARP?

We have three forms of currency. There are two types of notes; Favour and Gests. There are also trade commodities which can be bartered.

What is the link between Herofest LARP and Heroquest LARP?

Herofest is being organised and run by the same people who run Heroquest. They are using the same campaign world as a background source because of all the advantages of having a campaign that has been running continuously since 1987. However the world in which Herofest is set is an alternate version to that which Heroquest uses. Everything that happens from the first Herofest affects only the Herofest world not the Heroquest world and vice versa.

There are many LARP festival type weekends to choose from; what would make me want to come to Herofest?

There are many reasons that I can think of, here are just a few:

  • Herofest is being run by the makers of Heroquest who have prided themselves on high quality friendly and professional service since 1986. You can expect this same high quality in Herofest.
  • It is always fun to attend a new event for the first time and at Herofest you will be able to shape by your actions the way the following events run.
  • It is relatively cheap, only £60 for an event and that includes 3 nights camping. Discounts available.
  • Going to a Live Action Role Playing event is an excellent way to spend your weekends and one of the most social ways of meeting new people.
  • There will always be lots to do from the time you first arrive till the time you leave. We do not feel that any faction will complete all its missions. (There is a challenge)
  • A simple low hit system allows everyone to be involved regardless of your previous LARP experience. The first aid rules also allow the fights to continue over a period of time for those who are keen.
  • We have been planning to do our first fest event for over ten years and have a wealth of interesting plot, NPC's, props etc that we aim to impress you with.
  • We will actively aid and assist in any player driven plot for those who like to make plans and get more involved before during and between events.
The event will be held at Candleston, near Bridgend, South Wales.
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